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Customer Service – Customer Relation Staff

Company Information

PT Bumi Serpong Damai


Contact person:

Company Web site:

Company description:
An area half the size of Paris, BSD City is the most ambitious urban planning scheme in Indonesia to combine housing, business and commercial properties. BSD City encompasses a total area of approximately 6,000 hectares. With around three quarters of the available land yet to be developed, this huge scheme represents a unique investment opportunity. BSD has been developed over the last 19 years. Since 2003 this gigantic project is fully managed by the Sinarmas Developer and Real Estate, a subsidiary of Sinarmas, one of the leading developers in Indonesia. First rate infrastructure and complete facilities. The best quality homes. A culture that is pro-business. A professional management team that is committed equally to both citizens and shareholders. (www.bsdcity.com)

 Job Information

Job title:
Entry Level

Job function:
Customer Service

Job position:
Customer Relation Staff

Work location:

Level of education:
Bachelor’s Degree


Work experience:
Not required

Offering salary:
Not specified

– Pendidikan S1 dari segala jurusan
– Memiliki basic marketing
– Memiliki kemampuan berkomunikasi yang baik baik lisan maupun tulisan

Job description:
– Menjalin hubungan baik dalam arti pihak pengelola dan para tenant dapat bekerjasama dalam segala hal
– Mengetahui keadaan lapangan setiap harinya secara terus menerus
– Menerima complain dari tenant untuk selanjutnya ditindak lanjuti
– Menerima kritik, saran dan masukan sebagai acuan untuk meningkatkan kinerja pengelola
– Memberikan informasi mengenai hal-hal yang berhubungan dengan pengelola dan tenant

Posting date:
23 March 2011

Closing date:
06 April 2011

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